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Need a tree cutting company in Kildare? Get in contact with Midland Landscapes today.

Tree Surgery

Midland Landscapes's Kildare tree surgery company offers the very best tree cutting, tree pruning and tree removal services. Our team of tree cutting experts can safely and effectively remove trees from gardens, by the roadside on commercial land and/or in narrow access areas. 

Our tree surgery also extends to tree pruning, branch removal and stump removal.

Felling a Tree Do you need a tree removed from your property? Our tree surgeons offer a full tree felling service that safely and effectively removes trees. We remove damaged trees, dangerous trees and overhanging trees. We use the very latest tree felling equipment.

Stump Removal Our tree cutting company also offers full tree stump removal service. Our stump grinding quickly and effectively removes unsightly tree stumps from gardens and green areas.

Tree-Pruning Tree pruning not only improves the overall aesthetics of the tree, it also protects the health of the tree. Our team remove overhanging branches that may be putting undue pressure on the roots and trunk of the tree.


For the best in professional tree removal get in contact with Midland Landscapestoday.

  • I need a groundworks company near me? What is your catchment area?
    Our range of professional Kildare groundwork services are available in Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, Laois and Carlow.
  • Do you offer free quotes on Groundwork services and fencing services?
    Yes, as groundwork contractors we offer free quotes on all our groundwork services. We can also provide a free quote on your next fencing project?
  • What type of fencing should I get for my equine enclosure?
    This depends on the breed of horse and your available budget. Our equine fencing expert can recommend the right type of fencing for your property.
  • What type of material should I use for my garden fencing?
    The type of material is dependent on the security and aesthetic needs of the property. Our garden fence expert can recommend the right garden fence for your domestic property.

Tree Surgery FAQ

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